Payment Method

I only Accept Bank-In or Online Transfer (e.g Cimb Clicks or any other)


You can e-mail me or sms(don't call). I will call you if something important that have to discuss.

How I Do My Business

If let say you want to buy HTC Wildfire. You sms me or email me your contact detail. A legit and full contact. Your Full Name, Address and Mobile Phone(No Home Phone).

After confirming that you really want to buy(No play-play haaa), you can pay me using PayPal(Safe Way) or if you don't have Paypal, you can choose your own terms to pay me. 

Once we agreed on Payment Methods then I will call my Supplier to take your order from them. If for any reason they do not have the types of phone you buying, I will sms you and no need to pay me. You pay after confirmation of order is available. 

After all payment is confirm. Supplier will directly sent your order.

If for some reason you don't like they way I do business, Put it in comment box and we try to work something out. If you think I'm a scam, I will show you my facebook account which have my pictures there. I try my best to do an Honest Business and if I'm not Honest means "Harammm..Dosa tuuuu hohohoho.."